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Improving breast cancer detection

In the UK breast cancer screening in the UK is performed by over 700 radiologists who every year take part in PERFORMS, a self-assessment and training scheme development in Loughborough's Advanced Virtual Reality Centre. The world's first and only radiological self-assessment and training scheme, PERFORMS has been implemented in the UK for 26 years and is mandated by the Royal College of Radiologists.


BAST was the first commercial consultancy to offer population-style data analysis to the pharmaceutical industry. It takes advantage of the LUSEP-based supercomputing facility HPC Midlands to model the potential success of new medicines so that accurate decisions can be made with regards further development before time, resource and funding are invested.

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Specialist Research Facilities

Centre for Biological Engineering

Loughborough's Centre for Biological Engineering works with industry and clinical partners to create future manufacturing systems to enable large scale production of human stem cells.

National Centre for Sport and Exercise Medicine

Based on the University campus, the NCSEM-EM aims to apply world-class expertise to policies and practise that will benefit the health and wellbeing of the nation - from everyday people at risk of ill health through to elite athletes.